Back to nature

The weather just keeps getting nicer and nicer so I was tempted out on Saturday again. This time I thought I would treat myself to some off-road running. After two and a half months of running on rough tarmac, I thought I had earned it!

The glorious Beverley Westwood

The glorious Beverley Westwood

I’m fortunate to have Beverley Westwood near to where I live. This is a large area of common land with some nice hills to practice running up and down. I’ve run around it many times, but never without shoes. I couldn’t wait.

As the weather has been so warm and dry, the ground was actually very hard, but most of it has a layer of grass which gave it some cushioning. I ran up and down the hills with a big smile on my face, trying not to forget to keep my cadence up for the up-hill bits.

There is a gravel track across part of the Westwood, so I thought I would give it a go. It was agony! It is still a mystery to me how anyone can run on such a surface – I guess not many people do, and even fewer enjoy it!

The distance was 5km, so that’s three Saturdays in a row that I have run that distance. I would like to think I’m getting used to it but my feet and Achilles tendons are still sore a couple of days afterwards. My left Achilles tendon has been sore since I started barefoot running back in February, so I’m now thinking I should give running a rest until it stops aching. I’m sure it will get better and stronger. I just don’t know if running, even short runs, might be preventing this from happening.

Anyway, I’ve ordered a load of books on barefoot running so I’ve got lots of reading to do!

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